1. What can I expect the day of my session?
A day filled with laughs and memories! We LOVE to laugh and have fun. We try and make you feel as comfortable as possible. We will tell you where we want you to meet us, go over small details you would like, and begin shooting! Our main goal is to have you walk away saying “that was so much fun!!”. Soak up being a celebrity for a day and let us be the paparazzi!
2. Can I bring props to my session?
We strongly encourage this if you have any special interests! We want to showcase your life up to now (and possibly your future---think college apparel!) We have seen many different types of props, so we are open to all ideas! We will send out a questionnaire asking about this prior to your session. We want to know what props you will bring to better prepare ourselves. If you can’t think of any props, that’s not a big deal either! There are a lot of seniors who don't include props in their senior portraits!
3. When and how do I pay?
We require a booking deposit right away to hold your date. This is half of the base package price. The remaining amount will be due one week prior to the day of your photoshoot. You can either pay with a credit card right online (an invoice will be sent to you) or you can pay by check.
4. Do I need to get my hair and make-up done professionally?
We highly recommend getting your make-up professionally done. You will be happy with the end results in the images if you do this. The majority of our clients get their makeup and hair done. Please reach out for recommendations.
5. OMG! I woke up with a huge zit on my nose. What should I do?
No worries! We can edit small blemishes (and other markings) after the photos are taken. Do not stress about this.
6. I wear glasses. Will this be a problem?
This will not be a problem. However, we recommend you get the lenses taken out if possible. If that is not possible, we recommend using an old pair and taking the lens out. This will eliminate the glare in photos. We cannot edit all the glare out of your photos and it can be a distraction when looking at your images. Also, feel free to add a pair of fake glasses, if you want! We always find this fun for some extra accessorizing and Amazon usually has multi-packs which makes for different looks with each outfit change.
7. How many outfits should I have?
Picking outfits out can be difficult. Making your mind up about all of your different outfit choices can be even more difficult.  Do keep in mind that we don’t want you to spend the majority of your session changing in and out of outfits, the more you change the more your hair and make-up may mess up. We want to give you quality time in front of the camera. 
8. How soon will I get to see my images?!
Within 2-3 weeks. We know this will be your favorite part! If you add-on creative art work this will add some more time depending on how much needs to be created for your custom art portriat.
9. Where will my session take place?
We will plan this out together. As a photographer, we like to keep in mind locations with the absolute best lighting for top-notch portraits. Of course, we want lighting that will make you look your best! This will be something that we discuss in our questionnaire you receive from us. We do charge extra for sessions further than 30 miles from Machias.
10. How long will my session be?
It will seem like time flies by because we have so much fun together. The length of your session will depend on how long it takes us to get all the looks we are going for! 
11. What happens if the Maine weather acts up?
We all know, we live in Maine, so this is bound to happen. We try not to cancel unless we absolutely need to. We will make the call and let you know as soon as we can.
12. What should I wear to my session?
We like to leave this up to you for the most part. We will ask you what your style is and idea on outfits you want to wear. Each session comes with a Clothing Consultation were we will go over all of this information to make sure you look great!
13. Is there anything I should avoid wearing?
Again, we want this to be left up to you in the end. However, try to not wear anything that doesn’t make you look like yourself. We want to capture who you are, not who you aren’t. Always be thinking about what colors and styles look good on you when picking out your outfits. We will go over this more in the Clothing Consultation.
14. Can I bring parents and/or friends along with to the photo shoot?
We strongly recommend that you bring someone along if you can. We might even give them small responsibilities along the way to keep them involved. Plus, they might help make you laugh for a couple candid shots! If someone wants to come along with you and you feel that they may distract you or you may be shy in front of them, let us know (you can privately message us this as well if you do not want to hurt anyone's feelings)! We will be happy to ask them to watch from a distance that is comfortable with you. 
15. Do you photographs inside or outdoors?
We do both! We have the necessary gear to setup anywhere.
16. I’ve seen some photos on Pinterest. Can we try something like that?
ABSOLUTELY! We love to see what our clients have in mind. Feel free to add details about this to your senior questionnaire that you will receive.
17. Will I receive digital images?
You will receive social media sized digital images with each photo that you purchase or choose to go in your album. We do offer digital images at an additional rate. We prefer you to get prints through us as we use a professional lab that gives you amazing professional quality. We will go more over this during our consultation and will show you samples from common places people get prints made versus our lab to show you the quality difference to let you decide. 
18. How long will you keep my images?
We typically keep your images for 5 years. We recommend you download your social media files or digital downloads you purchase immediately and back them up just in case.
19. How will I have access to my images?
We will set up a day and time  for a Proofing Consultation & Order Session.  This is where you'll get your first looks at your session images.  Also during this time, we will work together to select the images you would like to use to create your prints, product order, and the album that is included in your session. 
20. Can I use one of my images for my school yearbook picture?
Of course! 
21. Where do I change into my outfits during the session?
We want to try and be as effiecent with our time as we can. With that, we have a portable changing tent that we can put up wherever we are taking your photos. You can also feel free to change in your vehicle if that is something you prefer or bring a blanket that can be held up to change behind. The changing tent makes it quick and easy to get outfits off and on.
22. What should I bring to my session?
Here is a check-list of things to consider bringing along. These are all up to you to bring. Do not feel as though you need to bring all of this:
● Outfit changes (don't forget shoes and other accessories!)                           ● Make-up and hair products/accessories to touch up
● Any props you are going to incorporate
● A friend and/or parent

23. Can I post my senior photos on social media?
Heck yes! That is why we include social media sized files of the photos you pick out.  We just ask that you tag us or give us credit in some fashion or another. We also ask that you don't screenshot your photos because the quality goes downhill fast when you do that. Download them directly to your phone or computer and then upload them. Lastly, please don’t apply a filter to our images or alter them in anyway. If you need something done to the photo please ask us first. 
24. Can I split my session into two sessions?
We only offer split sessions if you have an add-on Sports Session or Creative Art Session. 
25. How will the school get my yearbook photo?
You can either send one of the Social Media Digitals Downloads you receive to the yearbook when they ask for it via email or we can send it if you send us an email requesting that.
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